Who we are

The camping, cozy, well organized, with facilities for guests, was established more than 40 years ago by local people and it is now managed by Milfait Family. Blanka, Pavel and their little girls Eliska and Mia and the baby boy Max are waiting to welcome everyone in love with Dolomites.
They are a Czech family, who loves to travel: together they already visited 70 countries. And finally felt in love with Malga Ciapela and the Marmolada.
Blanka is a famous writer, she already wrote three books, and she is also the Queen of marmalades, she won ten gold medals at the World Marmalade Awards in London.
During her travels she managed to discover new tastes: “cooking with the Berbers in Western Sahara, from their bananas, cactus honey and golden raisins, it had its charms,” says Blanka. Her marmellades combine different flavours creating an explosion of taste.
She was also elected entrepeneur and woman of the year and won the czech Goodwill cup. On her website she describes one of her priorities as the “never ending fight against multinational industrial food corporations that are currently destroying small producers, farmers and manufacturers, and against global brands and poor quality industrial food in chain stores.”
They are a wanderer family, the first child, E-liška  Anna was born in a van near Prague, and with that same van they arrived in Malga Ciapela. During the travel around 15 islands all over the world, in Sicily, near the vulcan Etna, Blanka gave birth to the second baby girl: Mia Ronja. In October 2018 was born the third baby, a boy: Max Teo. And for next spring the whole family is planning a new trip through South and East Africa.
When Blanka is asked about her business philosophy, her answer is: “To go my own way. Absolutely.”: but despite their nomad spirit, now their life is here, in the stunning Dolomites. 

 More informations about the family:

In the camping's bar, El Morbin, you can taste and buy Blanka's famous marmellades. Near the bar you can meet other members of the family: the animals of the little zoo, goats, rabbits and hens! 

Spending the holidays in a camping let you enjoy completely the nature surrounding you. Moreover it gives you time to spend with your family and friends, your time is one of the most important things you can give to somebody else. You can cook at our bonfire with your beloved, or learn some tricks from our guys Roberto and Francesco...

La Marmolada Caravan & Camping resort is the perfect place where to relax, practice sport and spend amazing summer and winter holidays.

Every day here you discover something new and you start new adventures!