From Malga Ciapela to…

Pubblicato 12. 3. 2019

A new great opportunity for Blanka from the Czech Gouvernment! After beeing for 6 months at EXPO in Milan in 2015 she will also be at EXPO 2020 in Dubai!  It is a great opportunity for which Blanka is very gratefull and proud.

Marmolada Snow Area closed

Pubblicato 11. 3. 2019

Because of lack of snow we have to announce the closing of Marmolada Snow Area (Nordic Ski Slope, rental, labyrinth and snowshoes track). Thank you to all those who made this possible.  See you next year!

Alpine Rescue drill in…

Pubblicato 3. 3. 2019

Yesterday it was training day for local Alpine Rescuers. They trained how to reach people under avalanges.  It was a very usefull day for them. Well done boys! Photo gallery here.

Digital Detox

Pubblicato 1. 3. 2019

We decide to delete the Campsite Facebook page. Many think it is a way to commit a "digital suicide" but for sure we can live and work also without it. Keep following us through this web page :-)

F.RE.E. exhibition in…

Pubblicato 28. 2. 2019

At the end of February we shoul have been to Prague at Holiday World exhibition, but Blanka receive a requeste to participate at FREE in Munchen.. with her marmalades! We had to change our plans and quit Prague but for sur we will be there next year. Blanka,…
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