Heart of the Dolomites

This is the site of the largest and the most southerly glacier in the Dolomites and the whole area is littered with evidence of the paleo-glacial age, providing a detailed account of the climate variations of the last few thousand years. Centro geografico delle Dolomiti  (Geographic center of The Dolomites) is in Val Ombretta, 3 km from the campsite. 

We talk about love, inspiration, respect, poetry, charm, nature, wonder, enchantment, rest, silence, and our place to live ... we talk... you find yourselves in the heart of the world´s most beautiful mountains, the Dolomites. They surfaced from the sea 250 million years ago, slowly rising towards  the sky in a myriad of extraordinary shapes. Since then, every day they take on a thousand different hues until sundown, when they seem ablaze. 

They cherish charming and unreal places still populated today by legendary and fantastic figures that tell the story of this wonderfull realm. And like every realm, the Dolomites too have their queen: the Marmolada. She is the highest of these mountains and the most majestic. Perhaps that is why she was crowned Queen, or perhaps becouse of her eternal glacier that gives her a real appearance. Here, at the feet of the Queen, in the green hollow of Malga Ciapela, immersed in the peacefulness of the camping grounds, the legend lives on and you magically become part of this enchanted world. 
Have a wonderful stay.