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25 TOP bussineswomen of the year 2017

Published 28. 2. 2018

25 TOP bussineswomen of the year 2017! BlankaMilfait ovner of campsite La Marmolada in Malga Ciapela!   

The house between the earth and the sky

Heart of the Dolomites

Mount Marmolada, at 3.343m, is the highest peak in the Dolomites, undisputed queen of the mountains recognizes by UNESCO as a world heritage site, it is the beating heart of Val Pettorina holiday area, one of the most enchanting in the whole of the Alps. 

UNESCO World Natural Heritage

On 26 June 2009 the Dolomites became a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. This status was awarded for their uniquely beautiful landscape and because of the scientific importance of their geology and geomorphology.

Who we are

Blanka Milfait famous marmalade mini-manufacture is a dream come true. Her jams, produced in a small village have won her the title of the World’s Best Artisan Marmalade Maker, the 2013 gold medal (2013, 2014, 2015) at the World Marmalade Awards...

Where we are

Campsite is located 300m from village Malga Ciapela, at the foot of the glacier & mountain Marmolada and 3km from the geographic center of the Dolomites. We are 300 meters from cable cars and small shoping center. 

What we offer


Season, pitch Small & Smart, Alpe Classic, Terazze Premium, Dolomiti Private Lodge, rent of tents and sport equipment, price for adult and children, camper, caravan, minivan, camper service, dogs, electrical plug in, garage, gas, ecological tax

What do you find around

Culture and crafts & taste of the Mountains... The Serauta cable car station on Mount Marmolada, there is a fascinating museum dedicated to the First World War, with a wealth of interesting exhibits and which is the hoghest museum in Europe at an altitude of…

Four Dolomite seasons

Sport & Nature

A state of the art cable car system whizzes you up, in just 12 minutes, from the 1.450 metres of Malga Ciapela to Punta Rocca at 3.269m, a stunning balcony overlooking the Dolomites and the Veneto plains from which, on a clear daz, you can take in a view of…


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